Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence in Housing honours exceptional achievements and admirable service in the respective fields of the Associations’ Members. Honours range from peer-evaluated awards to multiple judged categories as well the prestigious Builder and Renovator of the Year awards. The awards committee strongly encourages you to review the submission requirements for the Awards of Excellence in Housing as listed in the enclosed entry guide.

Our 2024 Awards Winners are:

SF1      Best Single Family: under $550,000 – Jade Homes

SF2      Best Single Family: $550,001 – $650,000 – Brost Developments

SF3      Best Single Family: $650,001 – $750,000 – Jasper Homes

SF4      Best Single Family: $750,001 – $850,000 – Brost Developments

SF5      Best Single Family: $850, 000 – $1,000,000 – Brost Developments

EH1      Best Estate Home: $1,000,001 – $1,500,000 – Brost Developments

EH2      Best Estate Home: Over $1,500,000 – Brost Developments

POH     Parade of Homes Community Choice Award – Belcore Homes

MF1     Best Multi Family – Under $375,000 – Brost Developments

BK1      Best Kitchen: Single Family Home under $750,000 – Hiebert Cabinets

BK2      Best Kitchen: Single Family Home between $750,001 and $1,000,000 – Hiebert Cabinets

BK3      Best Kitchen: Estate Home over $1,000,000 – Brost Developments

BKR     Best Kitchen: Renovated – Strongwood Construction

BE2      Best Ensuite: Single Family Home between $750,001 and $1,000,000 – Brost Developments

BE3      Best Ensuite: Estate Home over $1,000,000 – Wilde Homes

BER     Best Ensuite: Renovated – Brost Developments

GBA     Greenest Builder – Brost Developments

SM1      Social Media Award – Brost Developments

RN1      Best Renovation $0 – $60,000 – Brost Developments

RN2      Best Renovation $60,001 – $115,000 – Strongwood Construction

RN3      Best Renovation $115,001 – $225,000 – Brost Developments

RN4      Best Renovation $225,001 – $350,000 – Strongwood Construction

RN5      Best Renovation $350,001 – $500,000 – Kenco Construction

RN6      Best Renovation Over $500,000 – Kenco Construction


PAO     President’s Award Outstanding Contribution – Aaron Brost


MC2     Supplier of the Year – Structural Category (Large) –  Heidelberg Materials

MC3     Supplier of the Year – Non-Structural Category (Small) – Design Kitchens

MC4     Supplier of the Year – Non-Structural Category (Large) – Emco

MC5     Service Professional of the Year – Onsite Category – Advanced Energy Advisors

MC7     Trade of the Year – Large Category  – Design Flooring

MC8     Trade of the Year – Small Category – Design Kitchens

MC9     Developer of the Year – Coulee Ridge Developments

SL1      Safety – Builder Member – Brost Developments

SL2      General Member – Design Kitchens


RNY     Renovator of the Year – Kenco Construction

BOTY   Builder of the Year – Brost Developments







All Housing and Renovation categories are judged based on the pictures submitted by CHBA Members from outside the Medicine Hat Region to keep the results impartial.

Thank you to our Awards of Excellence Sponsors